LLM Shield

Employees are leaking your company's sensitive data.

Italian privacy regulator bans ChatGPT
Wall Street Banks Are Banning Employees Use of ChatGPT
Giant Bank JP Morgan Bans ChatGPT Use Among Employees
Samsung Employees Fed Sensitive Data to ChatGPT...
ChatGPT Has a Big Privacy Problem

Do you know who’s pasting your data?

Crossing your fingers is not enough.

LLM Shield is a first-of-its-kind product that companies across all industries have been waiting for.
At Twitter and Google, I saw firsthand the risks pervasive IP leaks imposed and the Herculean efforts dedicated to product developments, innovation and legal disputes. Many developers, for example, wanted to publish work, but found it difficult to do so because they didn’t know what constituted confidential or sensitive information.
LLM Shield is a game changer.

Tim Pham


introducing the world's first ChatGPT security

Powerful leak prevention.

Prevent LLMs from taking your company's secrets.
Deploy protection today.

Get visibility & control. Before leaks happen.

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Biopharma companies aren't positioned to incorporate AI into their workflows and clinical trials in real time.
LLM Shield gives companies visibility and control around their most sensitive data – a proprietary drug discovery or a toxicology study – and ensures that it isn’t leaked inadvertently. LLM Shield will enable safer collaboration with AI, and will accelerate innovation in biopharma.

Jennifer Lum

biospring Co-Founder & Managing Partner

“Policies” don’t work.
Use technology to fight technology.

Select the sensitive data to detect

Every company environment is different.You can choose what matters to yours the most.

Then, choose your protection.

Let your employee know that this is sensitive data that’s about to be transmitted to the LLM.


Prevent the sensitive data from being transmitted to the LLM.


Replace the sensitive data with anonymized data.

Your LLM Shield. Now activated.

LLM Shield

OpenAI API Key

Sensitive Data·Acme Corporation

Lightweight & Powerful. All major LLMs detected.

LLM Shield is ultra lightweight. It lives in the menu tray and detects LLMs in the background. When an LLM is detected, it springs into action, helping you prevent leaks before they happen.


Designed to fit into your existing IT infrastructure

Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment

Use the LLM Shield for Desktop if you’re using Manage Engine, Microsoft System Center, or Apple Business Manager.

Google Chrome
Safari soon
Use Chrome Enterprise?

One-click deploy the LLM Shield for Google Chrome using Google Admin.

On Device Scanning

On Device Scanning

LLM Shield will detect and alert on the machine itself, helping ensure PII compliance by not transmitting over the network.

Only the rules and other company preferences are downloaded.

Integration via API

Integration via API

Unlock the visibility and control:

  • Real-time alerts on sensitive data access
    { api }
  • Integrate LLM Shield directly into your in-house dashboard
  • Push custom sensitive data rules automatically

Large-language models can be Pandora's box for the healthcare industry, and a solution must be put in place to safeguard patients’ personal health information. Products like ChatGPT offer incredible time-savings to companies and their employees, but we need to make sure companies use these technologies responsibly. With products like LLM Shield, companies can leverage cutting-edge AI to secure and protect organizations from employees potentially misusing this powerful new AI technology.

Vijay Karia

Connect America Chief Digital Officer

Source Code Protection.

On premise.

Use our source code protection module within your network.
  • Warn, Block, or Scramble source code.
  • Github supported. (Others coming soon.)

Obfuscation mode strips comments, changes variables and function names.

Protect your crown jewels from being leaked to LLMs.

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Advanced source code protection