LLM Shield

Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

The Basics

  • What is LLM Shield?

    LLM Shield is a software solution designed to protect sensitive company information from being unintentionally shared or leaked to large language models (LLMs) during chat sessions.

  • How does LLM Shield protect my company's sensitive information?

    LLM Shield scans your company devices for the LLM’s input box text – before they are sent – and employs advanced encryption and filtering techniques to secure any sensitive data before it can be intercepted, analyzed, or stored by LLMs.

Security Concerns

Security Concerns

  • What type of data security does LLM Shield offer?

    LLM Shield provides a multi-layered approach to data security. This includes advanced data filtering on the employee device, real-time privacy-aware LLM input box monitoring, and an optional self-hosted server to safeguard sensitive information and minimize the risk of unintentional data exposure to third-party AI systems.

  • Can LLM Shield prevent data leakage to third-party AI systems?

    Yes, LLM Shield actively identifies sensitive information and takes necessary steps, such as encryption and data filtering, to prevent data leakage to third-party AI systems.

  • How does LLM Shield protect data during transfer and storage?

    LLM Shield employs industry-standard encryption methods to secure data both in transit and at rest. This ensures that even if data is intercepted, it remains unreadable and secure.

  • Is there any encryption involved in the LLM Shield protection process?

    Yes, LLM Shield uses robust encryption algorithms to secure sensitive data, making it unreadable to unauthorized parties, including third-party AI systems.

Installing and Setup

Installing and Setup

  • How do I install LLM Shield on my company's devices and systems?

    The installation process for LLM Shield is straightforward. Just download the installer and follow the step-by-step instructions to deploy the software on your company's devices and systems. LLM Shield is designed to fit into any corporate IT environment and can be deployed using Manage Engine, Microsoft System Center, Apple Business Manager, and other enterprise systems. A Chrome plugin is also available for Chrome Enterprise users to one-click deploy on their company devices. Guidelines for installation will be provided on purchase.

  • Can I deploy LLM Shield on both Windows and MacOS?

    Yes, LLM Shield is compatible with both Windows and MacOS, allowing seamless integration into your company's existing infrastructure.

Usage and Monitoring

Usage and Monitoring

  • How can I monitor the protection status of our company's chat sessions?

    LLM Shield comes with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to monitor its performance and protection status in real-time. With customizable settings, you can track the software's effectiveness and keep an eye on potential data leaks. LLM Shield also supports audit logs for IT and security professionals.

  • Are there any performance impacts after implementing LLM Shield?

    LLM Shield is designed to have minimal impact on your devices' performance. It operates efficiently in the background, ensuring a smooth user experience without sacrificing performance or productivity. All detection, analysis, prevention, and anonymization take place on the employee device through the desktop app, keeping sensitive data local to that device.

  • Can LLM Shield notify me when it detects sensitive data leakage?

    Yes, LLM Shield's real-time monitoring feature can be configured to send you alerts or notifications whenever it detects potential sensitive data leakage. Additionally, LLM Shield offers webhook support to integrate real-time events into your in-house dashboards or other systems.

Hosting and Data Control

Hosting and Data Control

  • Can I host LLM Shield on-premise to maintain complete ownership of our data?

    Yes, LLM Shield provides an on-premise, self-hosted server option, ensuring that all your data remains securely within your control and benefits from your current security infrastructure.

  • How does LLM Shield protect source code from accidental leaks?

    LLM Shield offers an on-premise, self-hosted server that detects proprietary source code, helping prevent leaks to LLMs. It supports both public and private Github repositories, seamlessly integrating with your current security setup.

On-Premise Server

On-Premise Server

  • Does LLM Shield plan to integrate with other platforms like Google Workspace or Salesforce?

    LLM Shield is actively working on expanding its integrations to cover platforms like Google Workspace for securing company documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as Salesforce to protect customer lists, leads, pipelines, and more.

  • How can I request integration with a new LLM or platform?

    If you would like LLM Shield to support a specific LLM or platform, send your request to [email protected], and our team will review and consider adding it to our development roadmap.

LLM Detection

LLM Detection

  • What LLMs and platforms does LLM Shield detect and support?

    LLM Shield detects major LLMs, including OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Bard, Anthropic's Claude, and Microsoft's Bing. It also supports interfaces to LLMs and chatbot services like chatbot-ui.com, lex.page, jasper.ai, and others. To add an LLM for detection, contact [email protected]

Updates and Customer Support

Updates and Customer Support

  • How often does LLM Shield receive updates?

    LLM Shield is updated regularly to address security vulnerabilities, improve performance, and add new features.

  • What support options are available if we experience any issues with LLM Shield?

    Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any issues via email, phone, or chat. We also offer an extensive knowledge base and self-service documentation to help you troubleshoot common problems.

Pricing and Licensing

Pricing and Licensing

  • What are the pricing options for LLM Shield?

    LLM Shield offers various pricing options suitable for businesses of all sizes. For detailed information on pricing, please visit our website or contact [email protected].

  • Are there any discounts for non-profit organizations, startups, or educational institutions?

    Yes, we offer special pricing plans for non-profit organizations, startups, and educational institutions. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs and eligibility for discounts.

  • How does the licensing system work? Is it per user or per device?

    LLM Shield's licensing system is designed to be flexible and customizable to your organization's needs. Licensing options include per user or per device plans, allowing you to choose the best fit for your company.